Meet Our Guides


Doug Chapman was in a canoe before he could walk.  He did his first Canadian backcountry trip when he was five.  While he didn’t contribute much to that trip, it ignited a life-long love for outdoor adventures.  He rediscovered a passion for outdoors adventures in his twenties, mostly enjoying the company of others on his trips.

He founded Take It Outdoors in 2009 as a retail and outfitter business.  In 2012, Doug began focusing on outdoor adventures and Take It Outdoors Adventures began.  Doug loves people.  He wants to get people outdoors.  He’s watched a lot of friendships form through his adventures and gets great satisfaction from creating great outdoor memories for his clients.  Doug wants to live and wants to inspire others to live.  He strives to create a team experience on his trips, making everyone, at every skill level feel welcome.  The best part of Take It Outdoors is the relationships.  Doug is an ACA certified kayak instructor and has a wilderness first aid certification.  Join him for your next adventure.

evan guide

Evan Valdivieso-Hephner started kayaking 5 years ago and has a natural talent for it.  From running rapids on small swollen creeks with a 14’ kayak to paddling tirelessly, loaded with gear, through windy open waters with 2-3 foot swells I have never seen him falter.  Evan is a jack of many trades from horse trainer, rider, blacksmith, kayaker, navigator…I could go on.  But above all Evan is reliable under pressure and an asset to have on any trip.



Assistant guides, in this industry we all work together to have a safe and fun trip.  Often times I rely on the help of others to help out.  Sometimes I need people to bring up the rear of the pack, take pictures, help someone struggling in the back when I need to be in the front, give advice, tips, bounce ideas off of when faced with a difficult decision, help me load and unload kayaks and often times to simply be a friend.  To all of you “assistant guides” from the deepest part of my heart…THANK YOU.  I couldn’t do this without all of your help!!!